Molehill Empire 2New!
  • Molehill Empire 2: Your garden plot paradise

    Vegetables, fruit, and garden gnomes: In Molehill Empire 2, you can create a perfect little garden world and keep weeds and pests away from your fields. Customers will soon be queuing up to buy your harvested fruit - bringing you money for getting more gardens and plants. Also take a look around your town, because a lot of buildings with very special features such as a monster plant farm await you there...
  • Your gardening skills are required

    Are you dreaming of crunchy carrots and ripe radishes from your own harvest? Then get Molehill Empire 2 now! Empty fields await you and your green thumb. Choose from a huge range of fruit and vegetable plants to make your customers happy. New quests will unlock additional features, such as honey production or the medicinal herb garden. Create your very own Molehill Empire 2 now!
  • Our funny garden simulation is here!

    In the most southern part of Green Valley, uncultivated fields await you and your garden gnomes. Join in and grow a variety of fruit and vegetables! Just weeds or aphids will try to get in your way from time to time. But that's what you have your garden helpers for: your diligent garden gnomes! Train them to become singing gnomes so that you can soon harvest monster fruits. Or let your gnomes compete as snail race jockeys. Start playing now!
  • Gardening together

    Sowing, watering, harvesting - it's also fun with other players. In Molehill Empire 2, you not only get help from your garden gnomes, but also from your fellow players. Agreements are quick and easy via the integrated messenger, making it easier to trade with each other. You can also join a guild or create one yourself to solve tasks together. Whether as a single or multiplayer - there is plenty to do in Molehill Empire 2 - join in!

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